The ideal gun

for the extreme hunters.


Strength & resistance
Made in Italy

Oxidation resistance thanks to the stainless steel, enabling the use of the rifle in rainy and difficult weather conditions. The compact dimension and the stopping power granted by the PMG barrel, .45-70 caliber, makes the rifle an ideal companion during intense hunting adventures.

Mechanism made with machined steel parts

Forged frame, CNC machined, steel parts made of high carbon steel

Weaver/Picatinny rail base with integral rear sight

Ready to engage the target, thanks to the quick sighting from the open sights to the modern red dot, or the scope.

Fiber optic rear and front sight

To catch the light, improving the sighting capacity in dim light

Selected walnut for stock and forend

Because even the eye wants its part, the elegance and the high absorbtion anti-recoil butt plate made with Microcell technology. Available in the camo green version (G.744) and soft touch black (B.744)

Mod. Cal. Grooves Twist (inches) Barrel length (inches) Overall length (inches) Weight (lbs)
G.744 .45-70 6 1:18 19 37 3/8 7.92
S.744 .45-70 6 1:18 19 37 3/8 7.92
B.744 .45-70 6 1:18 19 37 3/8 7.92

Mark II

The Mark II is the latest version of the Boarbuster model, featuring a modern line and last generation equipment.
Compact and easy to handle rifle thanks to the reduced barrel length and the microcell butt plate. Forged frame CNC machined together with all the steel parts, broached rifling, American walnut stock, soft touch covered.

  • Technology & engineering made in Italy
  • Modern
  • Last generation
Model 86/71 Lever Action Mark II
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Modern revisitation of the famous 86/71 lever action rifle created by the cooperation between Browning and Winchester, at the time advertised as The Universal Big-Game Rifle. The preferred gun of the "hunters", thanks to the handy ergonomics, safe and easy to carry in the bush.

  • Strong
  • Handy
  • Safe
Model 86/71 Lever Action Boarbuster
Model 86/71 Lever Action Boarbuster Camo
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